An Extreme-Green Vision for a Classic Craftsman Bungalow

These days, being “green” is the popular thing.  I know I am not alone in wanting to save the polar bears, end the oil wars, and make room for another billion or so people on planet Earth.  Being green is the right thing to do.  Ideally, a more sustainable use of resources should also be more economical.  But what exactly does it mean to be “green”?  And what can I do to significantly bring my life in line with principles of environmental sustainablity? — far beyond curbside recycling and reusable shopping bags.  There must be something more I can do!

What if affordable technology exists right now to live an extremely green life?  What if I could have that green life right where I already live — even if that is a century-old house?  What if my home could be transformed into a cutting-edge model of sustainability — without compromising its 1920’s charm?  What if I could prove that a lifestyle of low environmental impact also makes good financial sense?

The search for answers to these questions have lead me to research and explore any and all options for acheiving a significantly greener life.  This blog is dedicated to sharing my explorations as I go, in hopes of inspiring others and also attracting new ideas, resources, designs, and strategies for my project.  All good ideas are welcome!