The Billing History Shows How the Water Flows in this Old House

An analysis of 14 years of water bills for this house shows some interesting results. The big surprise is in its surprising consistency.

For various reasons, the 14-year period of study includes residency of a wide variety of people, from hard-core eco-conscious to careless energy hogs and from traveler to homebodies. The house has also been home to a broad range of total number of residents. At times the house has had as few as two residents. At other unusual times as many as eight. Most typically, the house has been home to three or four people, or an average 3.5 people.

Water use has been plotted by both total household use, and per person. While there is quite a range of water use patterns, overall there is surprisingly little variation of water throughout the year. There is not an obvious seasonal pattern overall. The few aberrations represent toilet water leaks, or unusual outdoor gardening projects.
water use total for household

If we throw out the aberrations, the 14-year average of household water use is 11.39 CCF (hundreds of cubic feet) every two months or 4,262 gallons each month.
water use per person

The individual water use on average for the same period is 3.36 CCF every cycle, or 1,368 gallons a month.

Water is coming to be recognized as a precious resource. It’s price from the City is beginning to reflect its value, and the cost will almost certainly continue to rise. All this data on water use is helpful for moving forward toward water conservation as we green this bungalow.